Make Checklist Moving Office

Moving my workplace was a very challenging job because there were too many stakeholders involved. I needed to be very careful while organizing and moving the office in Dubai. Creating a checklist best served this purpose of making an efficient move as advocated by Moving Office. Here’s how to make a checklist for this purpose:


There were a few decisions which needed to be made before the actual move and it needed to involve everyone from the top management to the domestic staff. Some of these early decisions I made were regarding time, location of the new move in Dubai, how to allocate duties to the staff for wrapping up the things and the budget for the moving process.

Schedules and timelines

Like every other major task, this chore also required a realistic timeline which incorporates all the preliminary jobs I needed to do for the move to go smoothly. Lead times, starting times, delivery timelines etc.were some of the vital elements which I considered, as there are many factors in Dubai which may hinder a timeline.


I have learnt one thing for sure that nothing is free in this world and even simple office relocation demands a discussion on the budget. I included rent of property, taxation, leases, setting up of IT and telecom equipment, stationery, office equipment and professional moving services cost in my checklist for the budget.

Mind map of the new office

Before moving into the new office, I had visualized a map of how the place would look once it was all setup and running. This helped me make a list of the tasks that I needed to do immediately to actualize the visual layout.

Technical and physical elements

The checklist I made also incorporated decisions about setting up IT in the new office as soon as possible and how the furniture needed to be relocated at the new workplace.

The team

The ideal “relocation “of business involved a moving-about team. This team included office personnel as well as professionals of the field who took over this project for my business and made it was a success.

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